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Keller Cinemas

4572 Lemay Ferry Road

St. Louis, Missouri  63129                                      

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Monster Trucks (PG) 1hr 45 min

11:15a   1:50   4:25   7:10   9:45

 In a small town, an oil company is drilling for oil. The geologist, Dowd, informs his boss, Tenneson that they detected what could be an ecosystem which could affect their drilling rights.


Why Him? (R) 1hr 51min

11:15a   1:50   4:25   7:15   9:45

A holiday gathering threatens to go off the rails when Ned Fleming realizes that his daughter's Silicon Valley billionaire boyfriend is about to pop the question. .


Fantatic Beasts And Where To Find Them (PG13) 2hr 13in

10:30a   1:20   4:10  7:00   9:50

The advetures of writer Newt Scamander in New York's secret community of witches and wizards seventy years before Harry Potter reads his book in school.



Arrival (R) 1hr 56min

6:55   9:40

When 12 mysterious spacecraft appear around the world, linguistics professor Louise Banks is tasked with interpreting the language of the apparent alien visitors.



Hacksaw Ridge (R) 2hr 19min

10:45a   1:30   4:15   7:00

WWII American Army Medic Desmond T. Doss, who served during the Battle of Okinawa, refuses to kill people, and becomes the first man in American history to receive the Medal of Honor without firing a shot.



Patriot's Day (R) 2hr 13min

10:30a   1:20   4:10   7:00   9:50

The story of the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing and the aftermath, which includes the city-wide manhunt to find the terrorists responsible.




Trolls (PG) 1hr 32min

11:30a   2:00  

After the Bergens invade Troll Village, Poppy, the happiest Troll ever born, and the curmudgeonly Branch set off on a journey to rescue her friends.



Moana (PG) 1hr 47min

11:15a   1:50   4:20   6:50   9:20

In Ancient Polynesia, when a terrible curse incurred by the Demigod Maui reaches an impetuous Chieftain's daughter's island, she answers the Ocean's call to seek out the Demigod to set things right. 



Passengers (PG13)   

11:00a  4:25  9:45

On a routine journey through space to a new home, two passengers, sleeping in suspended animation, are awakened 90 years too early when their ship malfunctions



 The Space Between Us  (PG13) 2hr 0 min

1:35   4:15   6:55   9:35

The first human born on Mars travels to Earth for the first time, experiencing the wonders of the planet through fresh eyes. He embarks on an adventure with a street smart girl to discover how he came to be.






KIDS (3-12 yrs)


SENIORS (60 and older)